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The program is useful for individual users who have a lot of documentation, project groups, government organizations, online shops and specifically for online newspapers.
Online newspapers with this program create files that offer readers an in-depth insight into some of the issues and have a more lasting value.
The dossier grows cumulatively in line with the publication of new articles.
To create files, the content of articles is not required to be customized, but can be easily copied from the web pages of the journal.
Such copied articles are in *.TXT format and lose all web links of the original article.
Part of these standard web links, which every web page of the magazine has, can be easily restored and offer readers a quality reading experience.
However, there are no restrictions for manually adding web links.

The program is also a great tool for government organizations and large companies that monitor what the media is reporting about them (clipping).

During indexing, the program creates files in HTML format and an index of all words that can be accessed by double clicking on any word in any file.
These linked and indexed files represent a document base.
The index of all words has a link to all the places in the files where the search word appears.
To access any place where the search word appears, just click on the appropriate link.
The program does not connect to the web, it does not run the ads, or does nothing, which could jeopardize the privacy and security of user data.

Program versions

Demo: Indexed Mueller Report
Download Mueller_Report_zip

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long complicated and particularly expensive process.
Many smaller providers can not afford to do this.
We offer such a program, which certainly improves the position among Google's search results, but we are warning against excessive expectations.
Everything that a provider can do alone to improve the SEO of his website is, in our opinion, a tactical level of action.
A strategic approach requires the initialization of the SEO project, which we have given up.
The use of our program is simple and we recommend it as the first step in all SEO activities.
Your indexed offer is just an additional way of your online presence that gently interfere with your regular communication with users but gives users a much faster and better insight into your offer.
In the first stage of purchase, potential buyers search for basic information and only in the second phase they are looking for a detailed description of the product or service, comparing them, comparing prices and delivery dates, and the like.
By indexing, the structure and content of your web pages will not change and there is no need for that.
However, it's important to offer users access to your indexed offer from the very beginning.
Upon double click on any selected word is triggered connection and display an index of all the words.
Once the user finds key information through the index, he will activate a Google search phrase that is pre-generate and directed to your web address.
After viewing Google results, he will continue on one of your primary web pages, which would also be guided by navigation information and links on primary pages, but after a much longer route.
Users access the full-text index and google search phrases directly from an indexed webpage; therefore, both methods are simpler and much more common than standard Google search rows.
Consequently, Google's websites with a plethora of search phrases that are actually used are positioned higher among the results (SEO).

Demo: Walmart
In the demo case, www.walmart.com indexed part of its offer.
Files in the txt, utf-8 format have been saved to subdirectory www.txt.in (read program's instructions).
Instead of demo user's input URL (www.walmart.com) for Google search string, use your web address.

Description of creating *.txt files
Summary (*.txt, UTF-8) of interesting web pages create the following procedure:
- in the browser, the contents of each web page are guaranteed by the "select all"
- then "copy",
- transfer it to any editor, for example in Notepad editor, select "paste"
- save "save as" in the *.txt format , with the UTF-8 code page
- the file name is optional but it can not contain special characters
- each web page has its own summary file (*.txt)
Browsers have the option of saving the web page directly into the *.txt format "save as" and then choosing the "*.txt" format.
The created file, in addition to the visible content of the web page, contains some additional information, which is disruptive for our program.
The described method of creating *.txt files is not appropriate.

Restore standard web links
Lost web links that are an integral part of an online interface can be automatically restored.
In the links_insert.txt file you need to enter the keyword of the web link (the rest of the original web link from *.TXT file), and immediately on the next line, the HTML anchor element with an absolute URL.
Demo file: links_insert.txt
Demo: Tesla

Download freeware program

The program is available in three versions:
- freeware;
- commercial for redistribution;
- commercial with USB stick.
The program is freeware only if our messages remain unchanged in the output files that are intended for publication.
All other rights are reserved and therefore, in particular it is not allowed:
- change program;
- or include in other software products.
All versions of the program have the same functionality, only the maximum number of input files is different.
Users and publishers can freely distribute the first two versions of the program, but under the same (unspoilt) conditions as recorded here.
The commercial version of the program is for lifelong advertising.

Program versions

Commercial version for redistribution

The program is very suitable for providers who want to consolidate their brand in the long run by redistributing the program.
The program will create an additional Google search phrase for each indexed word directed at the buyer's web address.

That version of the program is tailored to the specific customer.
The program is named after its web address (example: www.walmart.com), which is then included in all Google search phrases.
It is anticipated that marketing agencies will also play an important role in the introduction and use of the program.
If such an agency contributes to the sale of the program, its web address (URL) will also be included in Google search phrases.

In such a case, the end customer and the agency will have a lifelong distribution and advertising program.
Commercial version with USB stick

That version of the program is not tailored for redistribution.
Upon payment, the subscriber receives a USB stick with the program and additional instructions by post.
The USB stick is intended only to check the regularity of the program, so it should not be written or deleted.
Any changes to the USB stick may cause the program to fail.

The price of the commercial version is $ 49.
Payments are made with PayPal.

When using our program, we want you a lot of success and fun!

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